What Can I Give My Dog for Constipation?


A veterinarian may prescribe laxatives or other medication to help alleviate a dog's constipation. Other methods for overcoming a dog's constipation include changing the dog's diet to include high fibre foods, such as canned pumpkins, or by increasing the amount of exercise the dog has on a daily basis.
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What Can I Give My Constipated Dog?
Dogs get constipated for many different reasons. You might see your dog hunched up and straining and producing either nothing at all or small hard stools. If the constipation doesn't resolve itself in a couple of days, your dog needs to go to the vet... More »
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There are numerous things that you could do to help your constipated dog as it all depends on what you feed the dog and the breed of the dog. You need to feed your dog food that is rich in fibre content and mineral oil. You may also need to take the dog to a vet in order to treat other causes of constipation such as an enlarged colon.
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