What Can I Substitute for a Jelly Roll Pan?


If you need to substitute another pan for a jelly roll pan you can try using a cookie sheet. It would be best if the cookie sheet had at least a small lip on all sides. If you need to extend the height of the lip you can use aluminum foil to fashion a higher side. You could also substitute a couple of 13 x 9 x 2 inch pans.
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A jelly roll pan is a baking sheet with sides. The sides are usually 1 inch deep. This keeps food from sliding off the pan when baking in the oven. A jelly roll is a cake baked in
It is typically a shallow pan that is 15" by 10" by only 1" tall.
A jelly-roll pan is a
in the UK we call it a swiss roll tin. like this. http://www.tylers.co.uk/store/product/66…. its a shallow tin, a rectangle. and used to make swiss/jelly rolls in.
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The difference between a cookie sheet and a jelly roll pan is that the cookie sheet is flat and does not have sides. Cake batter would drip off the sides of a ...
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