What Can I Use instead of Tarragon?


There are several herbs and spices that you can use instead of tarragon. You can simmer parsley and cinnamon powder together. You can also use a dash of ground fennel seed or aniseed to get an aroma very similar to that of tarragon.
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Tarragon is one of the more expensive herbs in the grocery store. Who wants to spend that much money these days? Some great substitutions for tarragon are chervil, a dash of aniseed, or a dash of fennel seed.
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Marjoram, or basil, dried marjoram, thyme or oregano.
That depends on the recipe. You might try a using aniseed or fennel seed, just
You could add some herbs to regular or wine vinegar.
Depends what kind of pie it is really, as different herbs complement different meat/fish. In general tarragon is used in chicken or fish recipes but personally I don't like it and
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