What Can I Use to Clean Old Pennies?


There are various methods you can apply when cleaning pennies. One such method is using ketchup and rubbing the surface with a toothbrush. You then rub the penny with a paste made from mixing baking powder and water until your penny is shining. For more methods you can visit the site pennycollector.
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1. Make a paste by mixing a small amount of baking soda with water. Rub this into the coin. For stubborn dirt, use a toothbrush to scrub the baking soda over the surface of the coin
1. Put the lemon juice and the salt into the jar. Ad. 2. Place a penny in the jar and put the lid on. 3. Shake it 15-20 times and then take the penny out. 4. Check the penny. Your
It is whatever you want it to be. Just make sure that includes what you are trying to test, and is in the if-then format.
Pour some vinegar into the bowl. How much vinegar you use depends on how many pennies you have to.
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