Soften Leather Shoes?


To soften leather shoes can be done by taking a newspaper and dampen it then place the balls of newspaper in the shoes, also you can try stretching and manipulating the leather which can be done by rubbing the edges of the shoes together, wearing them slowly, oiling the boots also work although depending on the leather it might damage the shoes, also another resort is putting them in luke warm water for five minutes which expands which will expand the leather.
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To soften leather shoes one can use the coconut Oil which is said to be the best natural way to soften leather and another way which you can use to soften leather is with the help of rubbing alcohol and Vaseline.
The best way to soften new leather shoes is by using a shoe stretcher to pound on the leather. A shoe stretcher is shaped the same way as a foot and is usually made from wood, such as cedar or maple, with screws and adjustments that help to stretch the shoe.
To soften leather shoes ensure that the shoes you wish to soften are dry and clean. Buy some a conditioning cream or wax made for leather shoes. Rub small amounts of the conditioner into the shoe. Take another clean polishing cloth and gently wipe over the entire shoe.
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