What Can We Do to Stop Pollution?


Pollution is defined as the introduction of detrimental substances into the environment. Some of the things that you could do to stop pollution include re-using things that are still in good condition, recycling materials that can be recycled, selling unwanted items that you don't need, using renewable energy and buying organic food and products. For more details on what you could do to help prevent pollution you might opt to visit the online site ecoants for more details.
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To stop pollution you can get your car smogged. You can car pool so there will not be as many cars on the road. Getting your car smogged can help with the air quality.
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There are a good many things we can do to stop water pollution. Don't pollute the streams and rivers with waste. Use only 'natural' products when doing lawn ...
A way that you can stop pollution is to get your car smogged. This will check the emissions coming out of your car. It will help the air quality. ...
To stop water pollution people will have to stop pouring toxins or whatever else they are throwing in the water. You need to put your cooking oils in plastic ...
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