What Caused the Tangshan Earthquake?


Shifts along the convergence of the North American and Eurasian continental plates are believed to have caused the Tangshan Earthquake. This quake is thought to have the largest death toll of any 20th century quake.
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there was no volcano involved it was simply 2 of the earths plates rubbing together and they eventually slipped which caused an earthquake! :
The earthquake ruptured a five-mile (8 km) section
Step. 1. Earthquakes can be related to most under ground activity. The first most common reason for an earthquake is volcanic activity. If your location has any above ground volcanoes
3 natural (1 human-made) reasons: Plate Tectonics. : The tectonic plates slide one on top of the other, or one aside the other. These are the most usual an powerful quakes. Volcanoes
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