What causes a cat's fur to mat?


A cats fur will mat if wet, if affected by ticks or mites and other parasites that attach themselves to the cat, injury or trauma, cuts, plant or thistles stuck underneath, gum and illness that have discharge or cause it to sweat as well as poor maintenance of the fur.
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When a cat lick's it's self they tend to lick off some of there hair and it gets lose so it gets onto the carpet,mat,bed,sofa, ect.
Cats with long hair are more susceptible to matting than cats with shorter coats, because there is more fur available to knot. Wet fur is more likely to mat than dry fur because the
Cats usually sneeze for the same reasons that people do. They may have allergies to certain things or something has tickled inside their nose and caused them to sneeze.
A cat cleans it's fur they can only clean the top layer. Deeper down it starts to get small
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What Causes a Cat's Fur to Get Matted?
Mats are a fact of life for many cats. Knots, tangles and clumps of fur are painful for cats and can cause a whole host of problems, as well as pose a tricky dilemma for pet owners who must contend with the mats. Learning the causes behind matted fur can... More »
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Matted cat hair is caused by failure to brush your cat regularly. You need to groom your cat frequently to avoid this problem. You can achieve this by removing ...
According to veterinarian Arnold Plotnick, a cat that pulls her fur out is experiencing a medical problem, such as mites, or a psychological problem caused by ...
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