What causes a chemical reaction?


Chemical reactions are as a result of molecules bumping into each other. The rate of a chemical reaction can be altered by altering the conditions where the reaction takes places. These conditions include temperature and pressure.
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When two molecules collide with the right orientation and sufficient force, a chemical reaction may result. Not all collisions cause reactions, however; the atoms or molecules must
A chemical reaction occurs when two compounds collide in a certain orientation and with a certain amount of force. Because particles are constantly in motion (assuming they're not
All chemical reactions involve a change in substances and a change in energy.
The smell of metal you perceive after touching them is actually caused by the iron ions catalyzing a reaction with the organic molecules in your skin, producing smelly aldehydes and
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What Are Causes of Chemical Reactions?
Chemical reactions occur when two substances interact to form new compounds or molecules. These processes are ubiquitous in nature and essential to life; NASA's working definition of life, for example, describes it as a "self-sustaining chemical system... More »
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Chemical Reactions are caused by mixing chemicals together that has an adverse reaction to each other causing a burning action. If you mix Bleach and Ammonia u will have a chemical reaction.
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Dictionary.com defines stoichiometry as the calculation of the quantities of chemical elements or compounds involved in chemical reactions. It also defines it ...
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