What causes a chemical reaction?


Chemical reactions are as a result of molecules bumping into each other. The rate of a chemical reaction can be altered by altering the conditions where the reaction takes places. These conditions include temperature and pressure.
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Reactants Every chemical reaction starts with one or more reactants. Atoms, molecules or free electrons can participate. They combine, swap atoms or decompose into the reaction's
vinegar is practically an acid and it has an acidic substance called acedic acid. this substance combined with baking soda gives off a chemical reaction.
Any chemical reaction that produces energy is exothermic. A erection that requires energy is endothermic. For instance, NaCl + H20 - HCl + NaOH is endothermic. Run the equation the
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What Are Causes of Chemical Reactions?
Chemical reactions occur when two substances interact to form new compounds or molecules. These processes are ubiquitous in nature and essential to life; NASA's working definition of life, for example, describes it as a "self-sustaining chemical system... More »
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Chemical Reactions are caused by mixing chemicals together that has an adverse reaction to each other causing a burning action. If you mix Bleach and Ammonia u will have a chemical reaction.
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