What Causes a Cold Front?


When there are areas that have different temperatures, the boundaries between these masses is known as fronts. When the cold air moves towards the warm air that is known as a cold front. The reverse (warm air moving towards cold air) is known as a warm front. Usually in the northern hemisphere, a wind shift from southeast to northeast is caused by a cold front.
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The causes of the common cold are often debated and very much misunderstood. Many people believe that exposure to cold weather is a cause. This, in fact, is where colds get their
the cold air mass runs into the warm air mass . But what remains the same is , the warm air mass still slides over the cold one because it is still less dense.
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What Are the Causes of a Cold Front?
Cold fronts are responsible for the majority of severe weather across the United States. On a weather map, cold fronts are easily recognizable as blue lines with solid triangles that point in the direction the front is moving. These fronts are caused by... More »
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