What causes fuses to blow?


Blowing of the fuse is caused by numerous reasons which are triggered when an appliance draws an excessive current. Some of the prime reasons for excessive current include mismatched loads, overloading, device failure and short circuit. The fuse blows to prevent damage on the appliance that may result from fire or overheating.
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Blown fuses usually result either from an appliance putting too much strain on the fuse or by an electrical short in the system. Since some furnaces can require a lot of electricity
An overload of electricity. Fuses are intended to be the weak link in case of an overload so they can be easily replaced. Otherwise the break would occur elsewhere and be more difficult
Most likely the cause is a short in the magnetic clutch mounted on the front of the A/C compressor. Climb under the car and unplug the 2 wire connector at the front of the compressor
I had the same problem on my 2001 ford 150 supercrew. My cruise control went out first, then a couple months later I could not put my truck in gear and the windows wouldn't work.
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What Causes Fuses to Blow in Cars?
Electric fuses, in any application, are designed to fail when too much amperage runs through them. They are designed as a weak point to protect the rest of a given circuit from damage and fire, to and prevent electric shocks. Fuses blow by heating up and... More »
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