Hair Cowlick?


A hair cowlick is a section of hair that lies at odds with the style of the rest of the hair or stands straight up. It is not clear what causes cowlicks though it is though that the cowlick stem from circular arrangement of collagen fibres in the cranial fascia of the area that has the cowlick.
Q&A Related to "Hair Cowlick?"
Cowlicks happen when the direction the hair grows forms a spiral pattern and causes the hair
Hair loss has many causes: an infection or inflammation of the scalp, medications, chemotherapy, illness or poor diet. However, the most common cause of hair loss in men is androgenic
It's the way the hair grows out of the head.My son has two cowlick's.One on the crown of his head,that grows out in a circular motion and one in the front hair line,that grows upwards.Keeping
Hair gets dry and brittle due to exposure to chemical processes found in styling products, coloring products or chemical straighteners and perms. This occurs when the outermost layer
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