Hair Cowlick?


A hair cowlick is a section of hair that lies at odds with the style of the rest of the hair or stands straight up. It is not clear what causes cowlicks though it is though that the cowlick stem from circular arrangement of collagen fibres in the cranial fascia of the area that has the cowlick.
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Cowlicks are a result of a swirling growth pattern where the hair grows
There are several different kinds of classic male hair loss. One is called male pattern baldness because the hair loss tends to start on the hairline and follows a predictable pattern
If you use a towel to vigorously rub your hair dry, your hair may break off at the root or middle of the strand. Combing your hair while it is still wet can result in hair breakage
It has been suggested by Dr. Desmond Tobin, a cell biology professor at the University of Bradford in England, that hair follicles contain a melanogenetic clock that stops or slows
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