What Causes a High Ping?


High ping is as a result of short distance between the ping and the server. Also, high ping is produced when there is a fault in the house wiring. Sometimes, high ping occurs when there is a higher bandwidth in wireless connectivity. Ping is measurement of how fast the link to the game server the player has.
Q&A Related to "What Causes a High Ping?"
You can only send ping requests from the the command prompt of your operating system. In Windows 7, select Run from the Start menu and type "cmd" in the Run window; then
Other programs running at the same time. Close other programs, and if you are far away from the server you are on, then it is regular to have a high ping. I live in the USA, and play
It means your lagging, The time it takes for your computer to send a data packet to another computer is taking too long. To fix this get a high speed Internet connection, a fast modem
It could be a number of reasons. Connection, signal, modem, router and/or network congestion issues do play a critical part on why you may be getting high pings. I will be glad to
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