What Causes a Lump in the Throat?


There are numerous reasons that cause a lump in your throat. Some of these reasons include reflux, increased stress, mucosal lesion and medical conditions such as cancer, granulomas, large thyroid and cysts. In rare cases cricopharyngeal muscle or oesophageal pathology may also cause this condition.
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The feeling of a lump in the throat indicates that one of the muscles along
If you use any form of tobacco, including chew, cigarettes or pipes, you may develop throat cancer. You may develop throat cancer as a result of the use of alcohol in heavy amounts
Impossible to give you a reasonable diagnosis without seeing you. Anyone who does is not acting responsible. See your Dr and he or she will do what's right. If you can't wait for
There are over 200 different causes for getting a sore throat. The most common cause is from having an infection, though, because it is highly contagious. Infections are produced
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There are two definitions of lump in throat with globus, a disease being one and the other being emotion. Emotions such as jealousy, nerves, fear make various changes in mental and physiological make up creating a tightness in the throat referred to as a lump in the throat. Medically, globus is through various means like cancerous cells in the neck, sore throats, benign tumours, swelling from trauma among other related occurrences.
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