What Causes a Mirage?


We've all heard of mirages. This great deceptor of the desert has been responsible for false images which served to disillusion many desert travelers. Mirages are caused when light from the sun bends. You can find more information here: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=what-causes-a-mirage
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A mirage is an optical illusion that makes you think you see something that is not there. It usually makes you think you see water on the horizon that is not really there.
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A mirage is a reflection visible at sea, in deserts, or above hot pavement of some distant object often in distorted form as a result of atmospheric conditions.
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What Causes Mirages?
Light travels in a straight line through both hot or cold air. But when there is an elevation in a steady temperature, the light will refract or bend, often following the path of the cooler air. The curve in the light, traveling from air to water, is... More »
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The main cause of a mirage is a distortion of light. This can be caused basically by a reflection shown through hot and cold air. Since it is a reflection, that is why mirages are often seen as water.
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A mirage is a false optical impression caused by atmospheric setting, especially the appearance of a water layer in a desert. It may also refer to something that ...
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