What Causes a Short Circuit?


A short circuit is a low resistant connection that occurs between two points in an electric circuit. Short circuits can be caused by a sudden draw of amperage that occurs when electric outlets in a home tap into fast moving electrical stream and divert some of the electricity to whatever is plugged into them.
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Short circuit is caused due to connection of earth and current wire.Because electrons start transferring from current wire to earth wire that is from high potential to zero potential
Small particles, called atoms, exist everywhere and in everything. Each atom consists of a central core, called a "nucleus, with even smaller particles, called "electrons,
what he means is that somewhere in the wiring system there is a live wire transmitting electricity directly to the ground system. This causes the electricity of the battery to be
A short circuit may happen when small wires cannot handle or resist
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A short circuit is caused by by a low resistance conducting path that directly connects the voltage source to the neutral or ground wire. For example, a piece of wire or metal may somehow come loose in a storm or other disaster and land in such a way to connect the live wire to ground.
There could be several reasons for a short, The wires could be old and broken. Sometimes people have found out that mice have chewed the rubber off the wires.
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