What Causes a Twisted Colon?


A twisted colon means a change in the intestinal shape. The causes of this condition include chronic constipation, occurrence of pathogenic organisms, nutritional deficiencies or a toxic-laden colon. Lack of adequate fibre in the diet and stress are also causes of a twisted colon.
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Exposure to an allergen can disrupt the functioning of your body's immune system, which can cause diarrhea. Your colon inflammation could be an inherited condition passed down from
abnormal formations in the colon known as polyps may grow into cancerous tumors if left unchecked. they may be: benign (cannot spread the cancer to other body parts) or malignant
In the Sun the reason for the twisting is due to the plasma having a low resistivity. Formally, if we were to describe the Sun as a fluid with perfect conductivity (as is often the
A twisted/redundant colon occurs when extra loops form,
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