What Causes a Whirlpool?


Whirlpools are caused by two currents, either when trapped between rocks, or when they meet. They create a very strong current and are a major cause of marine accidents.
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They're very similar. They're caused when two currents flowing in the opposite direction pass next to each other.
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Whirlpools occur when rushing tide water collides with an obstacle, usually the coastline, forming a swirling reverse current.
A whirlpool is a swirling body of water that is produced by ocean tides. Whirlpools are caused by strong currents that are caused by tides. These currents usually move around in a circular manner and anything that is caught up in them can be sucked to the floor of the river or ocean.
A whirlpool is usually caused by really strong currents that move in a circular pattern. They are usually under the water. They are really strong so be careful.
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