What Causes Air Pollution?


The causes of air pollution include: manufacturing, burning of fossil fuels, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, and other natural process. The burning of fossil fuels is the main cause of air pollution and the more this happens, our planet's future goes further in jeopardy and the longevity of our species is shortened.
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Main cause of Air Pollution is combustion of Fuels. We consume lots of fuel in Vehicles & Factories. Combustion gives CO2 as main bi product along with CO, NO2,SO2,etc.
Natural Factors Causing Air Pollution Volcanic eruptions, gases emitted from animal waste, forest fires and dust are some of the common natural sources resulting in air pollution.
"Stationary Sources" include smoke stacks of power plants, manufacturing facilities (factories) and waste incinerators, as well as furnaces and other types of fuel-burning
Air pollution comes from factories, businesses, consumer products, and, most of all, from cars, trucks and buses. Pollution from vehicles cause two of our worst air pollution problems
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Air pollution is caused by the prescence of polluting substances such as sulfur compounds and ground-level ozone in the air that should not be there. The two main sources of air pollution are transportation vehicles and fuel combustion.
Vehicles release carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide while fuel combustion usually releases sulfur dioxide.
Air pollution is caused by a wide variety of things. Carbon dioxide is one of the major air pollutants. This gas is harmful when emitted from certain sources such as from oil industries and the chemical industries. The combustion of fuels in automobiles and jet planes are also causes of pollutants in the air.
Air pollution refers to the introduction of matter which causes damage to the natural or simulated environment, into the atmosphere. Presently, it is mostly caused by combustion engine exhaust gases, factories, petroleum, pesticides and so forth. There is a wide global movement to counter the degradation of the environment by air pollution.
One of the most known causes of air pollution is smoke that comes from the vehicles and industry. The pollution comes from chemical factors, by burning of petroleum products and their combustion. When hydrocarbons such as petroleum are burned, they produce carbon dioxide and water vapor. Incomplete combustion leads to carbon monoxide.
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Air pollution is caused by industrial waste in the form of smoke and also from automobiles in the form of engine exhaust. When pollution is trapped in the lower ...
The main cause of air pollution is Carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is normally used in industries such as oil and chemical industries and it is harmful and can ...
Air pollution causes many types of diseases. For example, human beings can develop asthma due to an air polluted environment. Air pollution can also cause inflammation ...
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