What Causes an El Nino?


An el nino is caused when wind and the ocean heat up causing major changes in our weather patterns. El nino usually occurs every five to six years but it is irregular so we never really know when it's going to happen.
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El Niño is caused by, simply, the wind. El Niño happens when the wind blows with strength from the east to the west along the pacific ocean. You can find more information
El Nino is caused by climate
El Niño occurs when the southeast trade winds cease, preventing cool water from moving up to
Trade winds blow west towards the Pacific, normally and push warm surface water away from the coast of South America moving towards Australia and The Philippines. The water is cold
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El-Nino refers to the process through water warms up in the Pacific Ocean. It is the opposite of La Nina, which is the process through which water cools down in ...
High wind shear is the condition that is believed to be caused by El Niño. It effectively weakens hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean because the upper winds ...
In previous years 'el nino' was actually beneficial to the Pacific areas. The Peruvian coast is usually dry so 'el nino' was would help bring water and wetness ...
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