What Causes Batteries to Leak?


The main causes of battery leaking are corrosion, excess heat, freezing as well as external damages. Leaking batteries are known to cause electrical gear damage and it is highly advisable to address the issue.
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Batteries left in damp or wet conditions can corrode. Rust appears on the battery usually around the terminal areas that are the weakest parts of a battery. Once rust appears, it
then you wash your hands, just dont put them near fire and your okay.
caused by leaking heater core not radiator heater it is under the dash hard ot get to if the leak is not to big use radiator stop leak otherwise fix is going to be big bucks.
cracked hoses.
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What Causes Batteries to Leak?
Leaking batteries can cause damage to electrical equipment and may also present dangers to you as they contain chemical compounds and sometimes acids. Batteries are generally very safe, if used and stored correctly, and improvements in battery... More »
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