What Causes Belly Button to Bleed?


The main cause for bleeding in the belly button is due to an infection, particularly a fungal infection. The infection can be red and itchy hence start to bleed when scratched. It is advised that you seek medical attention once you notice an infected belly button.
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Stab Wounds
An acute trauma or injury would cause the belly button to bleed. It's going
do you have it pierced? if not, sounds odd and you should get to the doctor.
Ulcers occur as lacerations in the upper digestive tract that may be caused by infection or some medications. Blood may be present in stool and in vomit if ulcers are the cause of
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Belly button can bleed, because of piercing, an infection or a legion inside the belly button. The belly button causes Abscess and Cellulitis. If it remains untreated, it may lead to abdominal infection and blood poisoning.
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