What Causes Black Lines in Fingernails?


There can be many causes of black lines in the fingernails. Some of them may include an injury to the nail or a fungal infection. There are sometimes more serious causes that would need to be addressed by your doctor.
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Black lines in fingernails are caused by bleeding under the nail. The red blood turns black and stays there until the nail grows out.
Black lines in fingernails are typically caused by some sort of injury. It could also be an early warning sign of melanoma, which is a type of skin cancer. You should always have them checked by a physician if you are unsure.
Black lines in vision are often called floaters. This can be caused by age and other conditions such as cataracts. The cause of black lines in one's fingernails can include trauma to the nail such as hitting it with a hammer.
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Black lines in fingernails are caused by splinter haemorrhages or bleeding under the nails. This can occur due to blood vessel swelling or capillary injury. Black ...
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