What Causes Bladder Wall Thickening?


Bladder wall thickening can be a sign of bladder squamous cell carcinoma in which the thickening was caused by hypertrophy and inflammation. On the other hand, it is still best to consult a medical professional to know the accurate reason for bladder wall thickening.
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Several things – obstruction, hemorrhagic cystitis, amyloidosis, UTIs, tumors, etc. etc. At your age it is not likely antying serious, but you should drink as much water as
To understand bladder spasms, you first have to understand how the bladder works normally. In a healthy bladder, the muscle will contract slowly and gently when you need to urinate.
Hello Andrea, It is difficult to say what exactly causes gall bladder wall to thicken but mostly it is an inflammatory response to some insult that happened. It is usually accompanied
There are many and varied reasons that blood thickens. One of them is excessive smoking. For more detailed information I suggest you read the information on this site.
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A variety of different things can cause thickening of the bladder walls. For example, inflammations can cause this. In addition, noncancerous tissue growths can also cause this.
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