What Causes Breast Growth?


Breast development occurs from the beginning in foetuses when thickening of chest occurs. Breast growth may be caused during menstruation period, pregnancy, weight gain and even infected milk duct.
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There is no medical research to substantiate the popular belief that wearing a bra while sleeping stunts breast growth. Breast size is affected by many factors, including genetics
All of the hormone analogs (norgestrel, levonorgestrel ethinyl estradiol, etc. that we make our oral contraceptives with warn that exposure will cause breast development in males.
50 per cent of gynecomastia in adult males is due either to
mine do that everymonth, last month i gre 2 cup sizes (that was a pain cuz they are large enough already lol) but as soon as i get my period they go back down.
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What Causes Breast Growth?
Breast development occurs from the beginning in fetuses, when thickening of the chest occurs (known as the mammary ridge). From this point, and throughout the lifetime of a woman, the breasts continue to develop, and fluctuate in size according to... More »
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