What Causes Brown Spots on Your Hands?


There are several causes for having brown spots on your hands. A couple of reasons for the spots could be aging or a vitamin deficiency. Please check with a doctor for more details.
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What Causes Brown Spots on Your Hands?
Changes in the skin's appearance can cause concern if you don't know what made the changes happen. Learning about what causes brown spots on your hands can help you find treatments to prevent or lighten them.... More »
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Sun exposure can bring out freckles or other dark spots on your hands. As you age, light or dark brown spots may appear on your hands. Although commonly referred to as "liver
Brown spotting usually occurs at the beginning of their period or if you are experience breakthrough bleeding. The cause is nothing serious, it is just simply old blood that your
Light brown spots or freckles are clusters of hyperpigmentation. The don't exactly hurt anything but they are a sign of sun exposure and the left hand is the one that gets the most
After a week on the beach, brown spots on
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There are many possible causes of brown spots on your hands. The most likely culprit is simply age spots, also known as liver spots. This can be an indication ...
Liver spots is a type of skin disease that causes brown spots on the skin. It is also known as solar lentigo, lentigo senilis, 'old age spot' and 'senile freckle ...
Brown spotting is very common and is most likely caused by your body discharging old blood. It could also be caused by pregnancy, stress, change in diet, birth ...
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