What causes red bumps on the scalp?


Bumps on the scalp can be caused by a variety of factors. One of them is folliculitis which is an infection of the hair follicle that causes the head to be tender and painful. Head lice, the parasitic insects that live on the surface of the head and feed on blood can also lead to bumps on the scalp. Improper or irregular hair grooming can also cause bumps to develop on the scalp.
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The scalp, like the rest of the skin on your body, has its own set of issues. Because your scalp is covered by hair, it may be harder to tell that you have bumps on your scalp unless
Not medical advice: Scalp pimples and bumps can be caused by allergic reactions to the harsh chemicals and over-abundance of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) report this answer. Updated
Poor hygiene?
Bumps that develop on the scalp can cause itchiness and irritation. Often, people don't know what caused their development or how to treat them. In some instances, a bumpy scalp is
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What Causes Painful Bumps on the Scalp?
There are many different types of conditions or problems associated with the scalp. While an itchy scalp and dandruff can be embarrassing, other scalp problems characterized by painful bumps may cause some discomfort and concern. However, in some cases,... More »
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Bumps on one's scalp may cause redness, itching, and irritation of the skin. There are many causes for these bumps, including: lupus, head lice, and plaque psoriasis. If there is any concern, please seek a doctor's consultation. 
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