What Causes Cloudy Pool Water?


Cloudy pool water is caused by various conditions. These include insufficient sunlight to the pool, early algae growth caused by low or inadequate oxidizer levels, insufficient filtration caused by too small a filter, insufficient hours of filter operation, frequent backwashing or cleaning of the filter, poor water circulation, overwhelming introduction of dirt and debris into the pool and unfilterable waste from swimmers.
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Shocking your pool is the first thing that comes to many people's minds when cleaning cloudy pool water. The pool water can sometimes get cloudy after a large rainstorm or after several
Your cloudy water could be caused by poor filtration. If the sand in your filter is more than 5 years old it may not be working efficiently and may need to be changed. If the shock
Cloudy water is one of the most baffling aquarium problems. Because there is no single cause there is no single solution. However, based on the color and circumstances under which
First of all call a pool company! Are you sure that you don't have a "mustard" algae problem? The heater needs to be looked at and the only way to get rid of rust particles
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Cloudy pool water can be caused by a lot of things like high or low ph, low chlorine levels, high conditioner levels, algae, high volume of particles in the water. It can be taken care of however, but you may want to call a pool tech to fix the problem for you.
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