What Causes Cloudy Pool Water?


Cloudy pool water is caused by various conditions. These include insufficient sunlight to the pool, early algae growth caused by low or inadequate oxidizer levels, insufficient filtration caused by too small a filter, insufficient hours of filter operation, frequent backwashing or cleaning of the filter, poor water circulation, overwhelming introduction of dirt and debris into the pool and unfilterable waste from swimmers.
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1. Test the water and make adjustments to be sure all the chemicals are in the correct range. The wrong chemical balance can cause water to be cloudy, high PH, high Alkalinity and
Answer Cloudy water can be caused for a number of reasons: poor filtration, imbalance of chemicals in your pool such as total alkalinity, pH, calcuim hardness and chlorine, imbalance
Cloudy pool water is caused by many factors. These factors may be
Cloudy water can be difficult to solve, there are several possible issues that could be causing your problem. In order of most likely is not running the filter long enough. Generally
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Cloudy pool water can be caused by a lot of things like high or low ph, low chlorine levels, high conditioner levels, algae, high volume of particles in the water. It can be taken care of however, but you may want to call a pool tech to fix the problem for you.
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