What causes cramps in fingers?


Common causes of finger cramps, also known as hand cramps and cramping hands, are muscle spasms, diabetes and carpal tunnel syndrome, according to Symcat. Better Medicine states that hyperventilation, fatigue and dehydration also cause hand cramps.

Symcat explains that people who experience finger cramps often report having other symptoms, such as hand or finger pain, leg cramps or spasms, and foot or toe cramps or spasms.

Cramps in the hand occur as a result of conditions that affect muscles and nerves in the hand and diseases that affect the entire body, says Better Medicine. Injury or trauma to a nerve in the hand also causes hand cramps. Even hyperventilation, which means breathing too fast, causes finger cramps because the level of carbon dioxide in the blood becomes too low. Moreover, fatigue from overuse leads to temporary, acute cramps in the hand.

Better Medicine elaborates that hand cramps typically last for only a short period although they can be severe and painful. They sometimes accompany a tingling or burning sensation, which is common in people with diabetes and those whose peripheral nerves have been damaged due to peripheral neuropathy. Another possible cause is dehydration, which leads to cramping due to low levels of magnesium, calcium and fluids in the body.

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