What Causes Day and Night to Happen?


Day and night is caused by the rotation of the earth on its axis. Daytime occurs when the earth rotates toward s the sun. The side that faces away from the sun while the earth rotates has night. Day and night also occurs because the earth is spherical.
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The rotation of the Earth on its axis.
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What causes night and day to happen is the rotation of the earth about its axis. At any given time, the half facing the sun will be shined upon leading to day while the other half will have no light leading to dark.
Day and night is caused by the revolving of Earth. It takes the Earth roughly twenty four hours to revolve once on its axis. Any given spot on Earth will face the sun for only a set amount of hours, when the sun will appear to travel from east to west. This is day. When an area is facing away from the sun and is dark, that area is experiencing night.
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Day and night are caused by the rotation of the earth, which creates 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. During rotation, the earth makes a complete turn on ...
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