What Causes Eye Boogers?


Eye boogers or eye discharge is yellowish, sticky, crust matter which can make your eyes feel glued shut. There are plenty different causes to why your eye can produce discharge. One of them is an invasion of bacteria in your eye from make-up or extra oily skin. Other causes include conditions such as conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers.
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The cause of eye boogers is an organ around your eye called the plica semilunaris
The eye booger fairy, oh and he said to tell you to go to bed already. It's just dirt and crap between your eye and eyelid that makes its way out of your eye during the night. It
Little crusties you get in the corner of your eyes. When you wake up you usually have them. Or sometimes dogs get them too.
The role of the optic nerve is to carry images from the retina to the brain. When there is enough damage to the optic nerve, loss of vision is possible. Unfortunately, this vision
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The organ, called plica semilunaris -- serves a special purpose for the eye. When we're sleeping and we wake up with those crusty's, it's because this organ kept the pollen, dirt, and the dust out of our eyes by creating a sticky layer outside of it. This helps protect our corneas from being scratched. You can find more information here: http://www.fitsugar.com/Sleepies-Where-Do-Come-From-76230
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