Fingernail Flaking?


Flaking finger nails are as a result of a number of factors which include conditions such as hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, vitamin deficiencies, malnutrition and a couple of dermatological conditions.
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Climate changes, prescription medications and other health issues can cause
Most of the time ridges on the fingernail are nothing to be concerned about especially if they're vertical ridges. So the next time you get a manicure pay close attention to the nail
1. Check your toenails. If they are strong and do not flake, the problem with your fingernails is external. If you have the same problem with your toenails, make an appointment with
wearing gloves. Embed Quote
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Dark lines in fingernails can be caused by dirt, grime, and debris. White lines in fingernails are caused by a lack of calcium. There are, however, while lines ...
Fingernails are an inductor of health. Indented fingernails may be caused by aging or by infections. Pitted fingernails may be a sign of a skin disease. ...
Some causes of fingernail splitting would be due to trauma to the fingernail, and exposure to a lot of moisture. Other caused would be use of polish removers or ...
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