What Causes Gray Hair?


There are very many factors that cause people to have grey hair as they age. They include factors such as medical or health problems like vitamin B-12 deficiency, hereditary factors, smocking, emotional stress or shock and other causes such as pollution and exposure to ultra violet sunrays.
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What Are the Causes of Graying Hair?
Gray hair is considered a sign of growing older. It is true that nearly all human beings develop gray hair as they age. However, gray hair is not exclusively associated with aging. Many people begin to show significant graying hair as early as their 30s.... More »
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In order to hide gray hair, simply dye it. However, you could also wear a hair wrap or even a hat to hide embarrassing grays. ...
Some people get gray hair at a young age. This is largely due to hereditary factors. If your parents got gray hair early in life, it increases your chance of graying ...
To cover gray hair is very easy. Buy the color of hair dye for your natural color. Apply as directed. Make sure the color says for gray coverage. Wash that ...
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