Which factors cause juvenile delinquency?


Problems with friends, family and general home life contribute to juvenile delinquency. Individual factors as well as community factors help contribute to juvenile delinquency as well. Though some contributors are hard to avoid, others are easy to spot, remedy and avoid altogether.

Individual factors that contribute to juvenile delinquency include hyperactivity and low intelligence, which lead to not performing at grade level or struggles with schoolwork. Family factors that contribute include divorce, abuse or family violence, large family sizes, insecure family structure and teenage pregnancy or parenthood. School factors including peer pressure and problems with teachers also lead to this occurrence. Economical problems, such as loss of a parent's job, living in a poor neighborhood, access to weapons and poverty, contribute equally to juvenile delinquency.

Students identified with many of these problems are considered to be at risk. This means they are at risk of not graduating from high school in the normal four-year time frame, or they are at risk of dropping out altogether. Juvenile delinquency leads to both of these issues.

Although there are numerous issues leading to this problem, there are also possible solutions to remedy these problems before they get out of hand. Adults should pay attention to children and reward good behavior to demonstrate noticeable activity. Providing a strong support group and knowing who children are talking to also helps. Children should get involved in volunteer opportunities and be held accountable for their actions, forcing responsibility for those actions.

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