What causes land pollution?


Land pollution refers to the degradation of Earth's land surfaces. It is caused by a number of factors which include inefficient use of land, soil pollution, land conservation, land misuse and degenerative actions such as deforestation, desertification and mining.
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As the world's population grows, so too do cities in order to accommodate the needs of their residents. Construction of housing, schools and businesses, for example, disturbs the
Causes of land pollution: Increase in urbanization. Construction uses up forestland. More constructions means increase in demand for raw materials like timber. This leads to the exploitation
Dust storms, Radiation, Water may get irradiated and undrinkable, acid rain. Basically, the shittiest, pardon my french, weather ever.
there are many thing that cause air pollution. Like smokestacks from factories, acid rain, vehicles leaky gas, and smokers are a big problem of air pollution
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What Causes Land Pollution?
The contamination of land with toxic or noxious substances, known as land pollution, takes many different forms and has several different causes. The chief causes include increased urbanization; disposal of non-biodegradable substances in garbage and... More »
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As the worlds population rises, the land surrounding cities and towns becomes more developed. With this development, land pollution is on the rise. Land pollution happens when people need to cut down more Forrest land for homes. The waste products that humans accumulate also add to land pollution.
Land pollution refers about the contamination and degradation of the land surface and soil of the earth due to misuse. Garbage thrown over the street is a simple cause of land pollution. Domestic wastes, Industrial activities, agricultural activities, and urbanization are causes of land pollution.
There are a variety of land pollution facts. The causes of land pollution include the increase in raw materials such as timber. Another cause is the rise in urbanization.
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