What Causes Lie Bumps?


A lie bumpnis the appearance of tiny white or red bumps on the tongue. The real cause ofncondition is unknown, but it is believed to be caused by a virus similar tonthose of herpes and is said to be triggered by stress, smoking, certain foods,nor trauma to the tongue. This condition is generally harmless.
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many things. there is an old myth that if you lie you get them. not true but yet coincedental. many causes and no effective cures
Bumps on a tongue being a result of lying is an old wives' tale, but they are real, nonetheless, and can be painful. These so-called lie bumps are small and typically white in color
The cause of TLP is not known, but it
The fancy name for "lie bumps" is transient lingual papillitis. Basically this condition represents a mild inflammation of some of the tiny bumps on the upper surface of
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