What Causes Little Itchy Bumps That Appear All over the Body?


The reason you may have itchy bumps all over body is due to allergies. The main culprit is normally something ingested and could be a food allergy. It could also be caused by an allergic reaction to a new medication being taken.
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it is seborrea. people with compromised immune systems (people with aids) get it. This sounds like Molluscum Contagiosum.
allergic reaction to something.could even be the detergent you used in clothes-are any areas that were not in contact with clothing bumpy as well? also could be poision ivy? poision
I am not a Doctor but from symtoms you
Answer 1. Its razor burn, shave less often. I get those too if I shave every day. So I shave every other day and follow it up with some nice lotion around the outside. Thats helped
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