What Causes Loss of Appetite during Pregnancy?


During pregnancy some women lose their appetite because of different reasons and some of the causes are nausea and vomiting which is referred to as morning sickness, constipation and excessive progesterone.
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Emotional stress at home or from work may cause you to lose your appetite or even forget to eat during especially stressful events. Clinical depression may cause you to lose your
Pregnancy is a time of upheaval, as far as the appetite is concerned. The Baby Center website recommends that women who are pregnant eat an extra 300 to 450 calories per day and follow
The thought of throwing up everything I would eat made me loss my appetite. No one knows for sure what causes nausea during pregnancy, but it's probably some combination of the many
Hormones early in pregnancy are the cause of the nausea the the nausea causes the lack of appetite. Ginger is good for the nausea, dry crackers and weak tea, 7 Up Whatever sounds
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