What Causes Magnetism?


Magnetism is a force that is caused by the constant flow of electrons in a material. Without the constant flow, the material is not magnetic, and has no force surrounding it.
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Magnetism is defined as the property of materials to respond to applied magnetic fields. Magnetism is caused by permanent magnets which are caused by ferromagnetism and also by the magnetic field.
Magnetism is caused when all the atoms of a metal like lodestone, iron, cobalt, nickel, or gadolinium are lined up in one direction. If this happens during the cooling process, after being melted, it will result in a permanent magnet. You can find more information here: http://www.rare-earth-magnets.com/magnet_university/magnetism.htm
Magentism is the force that attracts or repels 2 magnets with the help of their magnetic fields. The electrons line up to either attract or repel. You can find more information here: http://www.explainthatstuff.com/magnetism.html
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Magnetism is caused by Magnetic Poles. Magnetic pole can be either N or S. By the laws of Magnetism, Like poles repel each other & unlike pole attract each other.
Magnetism attracts opposite-charged atoms and repels similar-charged atoms. The two charges a magnet may have are positive or negative. Both charges become attracted to each other
There are many ways how magnetism is cause. The main reason is due to the magnetic field of a magnet such as a bar magnet which constantly keeps creating its own magnetic field. And
In the Sun the reason for the twisting is due to the plasma having a low resistivity. Formally, if we were to describe the Sun as a fluid with perfect conductivity (as is often the
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