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A mailer daemon is software function in a mail server that delivers messages to recipients. When someone gets a message from the mailer daemon in their inbox, the server at that company is informing you that it is returning your message because of some failure. This is because the address the mail is being sent to may no longer be valid, or there may be a problem routing the message to the appropriate mail server.
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The most common cause of a Mailer Daemon message is that the sender has misspelled the recipient’s email address. Sometimes in a matter of seconds and typically within 24 hours
Sometimes you try to answer an email from a company where it says "do not reply to this email" and they have incoming emails blocked.
Corel's pppd is broken. Just type: mv /etc/ppp/options /etc/ppp/options.old (that will rename the file) touch /etc/ppp/options (creates new file). If everything else is set up correctly
mailer-daemon is a generic return stating that your email cannot be sent due to an issue. Either the email address is incorrect, the receiving email server is down or the sending
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What Causes Mailer Daemon?
Mailer Daemon is an email verification protocol that is set in place to make sure that email gets from one place to another. If the email that has been sent has a problem along the way, the sender may receive a message from Mailer Daemon. There are... More »
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Mailer daemon refers to an error message from an email delivery subsystem that usually indicates that there was a hitch in delivering your mail to its destination. Once received, the message will be returned to you with an outline of the problem that occurred.
Mailer daemon refers to an email verification protocol that is set in place to make sure that email gets from one place to another. Some of the factors that cause mailer daemon include misspelled email, full disk, detected spam and problems at the source.
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MAILER-DAEMON @ is a message you receive if your email did not send. The message is bounced back to you normally due to an invalid email address. You ...
If you receive a mailer daemon message and you did not send anything, it may be because your computer has a virus that keeps sending out emails on your behalf. ...
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