What Causes Metal Taste in Mouth?


The causative factors of a metallic taste in the mouth include oral infections such as gingivitis, contamination by various metal elements such as lead, tooth abcess and overuse of selenium among others.
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Possible reasons for this include medication reactions or side effects, the use of antibiotics or poisoning.
Common medications like Clarithromycin, which treats respiratory infections and ulcers, and Captopril, which treats high blood pressure, heart failure and kidney problems, can cause
mercury toxitity from amalgams or other mercury exposure.Was an episode or Dr Quinn,where,some people were mining with mercury,and it was getting into the water,and people said,they
NOT MED ADV: Poor diet can cause it. Pregnancy can cause metallic taste in mouth, among other things.
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There are several things that can cause a metallic taste in one's mouth and some of them include: chemical poisonings, dental conditions, gastritis, heartburn and jaundice. Another cause could be the Blood cells containing hemoglobin which carries oxygen. When blood breaks down, iron is released and causes a metallic taste in mouth.
A metallic taste is a warped sense of taste in the mouth that is also referred to as dysgeusia. The taste may be from anything that interferes with normal taste such as infections, copper toxicity, dental carries, fluctuation on oestrogen levels and gastro-oesophogal reflux disease.
The metal taste in mouth is a type dysgeusia which is a defect of the sense of taste. There are a variety of causes of having a metallic taste in your mouth such as taking certain medicines. For example antibiotics like clarithromycin and metronidazole can lead to having metal taste. Another cause is systemic diseases such as cancer, renal failure and diabetes.
A metallic taste in your mouth is not an uncommon symptom, and metal tasting is typically not a serious problem. Unhealthy oral hygiene may be the cause for a metal taste symptoms in your mouth, calcium carbonate supplements can cause you to believe that you are eating metal as well.
Ketosis is the state of elevated ketone levels in the body. Symptoms are a smell of nail polish remover in the mouth, a metallic taste in the mouth and thirst.
Several medical diseases and medications can cause a metal taste in the mouth. Diabetes, kidney liver diseases and some allergies can cause the taste. The metallic taste is called dysgeusia Diets Atkins that are high in protein and low in carbs can cause Ketosis. Ketosis is caused by iron build up due to eating large amounts of meat.
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