What Causes Mustard Yellow Stools in Adults?


Mustard yellow or pale stools in adults may indicate certain health conditions or may be due to medication. Some of the causes of mustard yellow stool include Gilbert's syndrome, malabsorption, parasite infection and pancreatic cancer. Dietary causes may be due to consumed carrots, sweet potatoes and artificial yellow food colouring.
Q&A Related to "What Causes Mustard Yellow Stools in Adults?"
Yellow stools can be the result of undigested bile that has not been reabsorbed when it is moved too quickly through the intestines and bowel. That's why it's important that a doctor
high levels of wheat.
Yellow poop can be a result of tiny parasitic organisms living in the intestinal tract.
Yellow stool usually indicates fat in the feces. This can be caused by a number of things , mainly either problems with your pancreas, liver, or gallbladder. It could be pancreatitis
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