Preventive Measures of Noise Pollution?


Noise pollution is the excessive, displeasing sound that can be made by humans, animals and machines. The major sources of noise pollution are construction, industrial and transportation systems and these may include cars, airplanes and air conditioners.
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well, noise pollution is basically sounds that sound bad to your ears. for example a bad trumpet player could be the cause and source of the noise pollution. Noise pollution, or environmental
1. Creating some sort of heavy screening between the noise source and your home is your first focus. You can build a solid wall with brick, cement, block or other thick, noise-absorbing
The source of most outdoor noise worldwide is mainly caused by machines and transportation systems, motor vehicles, aircrafts, and trains. Outdoor noise is summarized by the word
1. Understand what causes noise pollution. As the world becomes more advanced, noise increases. The most common form of noise pollution now is from transportation, mainly cars, motorbikes
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If you want to prevent noise pollution you simply need to watch the noise you make at certain times of the night. If the noise comes from someone else record it ...
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