What Causes Numbness in Feet?


Foot numbness is an abnormal condition in which you feel a loss of sensation in one or both feet. It is caused by lack of blood supply to an area or nerve damage. Other causes include Buerger's disease, extremely cold temperatures, bone fractures and back injury.
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According to the Mayo Clinic, peripheral neuropathy is a condition that is associated with many different types of ailments, including diabetes, systemic lupus, multiple sclerosis
numbness in the feet, ankles, and toes can be caused by poor circulation in the feet and not eating enough green vegetables. Also, it is caused by Vitamin B12 deficiency or could
Finger, hand, or feet problems can also be caused by injuries or
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What Causes Numbness in Feet?
Numbness in feet can be a difficult symptom to tie down to a specific disorder or condition. The simplest explanation for numbness in feet or tingling in legs is that the blood supply has been cut off and restored. The primary causes of numbness in feet... More »
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