What Causes Numbness in Fingertips?


Numbness in the fingertips is the loss of the sense of feeling in the hands. Numbness in the fingertips is associated with a number of disorders which include abnormal levels of calcium, potassium and sodium in the body, diabetes, use of some medicines and also nerve damage among other reasons.
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Raynaud's Disease According to Dr. Sheldon G. Sheps of the Mayo Clinic (See References 1), Raynaud's phenomenon can cause your fingers to go numb. This occurs because of a blood vessel
could be many things: Severe Cold (as in temperature note head cold) Repetitive use Thick skin Severed nerve Trapped Nerve Loss of digits
usually when blood stops flowing all the way to your finger tip it turns black cause your fingertip receives no blood
sounds more like carpal tunnel syndrome to me...those are the very fingers that are affected if my memory serves me right,,,,ask your doctor to try a nerve conduction study of your
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What Causes Numbness in Fingertips?
We all get cold, very cold, from time to time, especially if we're not dressed warmly enough in the winter. However, if the slightest and most minimal exposure to the cold is causing your fingertips to go numb and turn white, or you haven't been... More »
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