What Causes Ocean Waves?


Waves are usually caused by the wind blowing over the surface of the ocean. The waves within the ocean can also be caused by tides, interactions between waves, submarine earthquakes or volcanic activity, and atmospheric disturbances (storms). The size of the wave depends on wind speed, wind duration, and the distance of water over which the wind blows
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Waves are actually energy passing through the water caused by other forces. Oscillations in the water's surface, caused by friction or a force driving energy across the top of the
Normal (i.e. not tsunami) waves on the ocean are caused by the wind blowing over the ocean surface. The wind transfers some of its energy to the water surface, through friction between
The most common cause of surface waves is air movement (the wind). Waves within the ocean can be caused by tides, interactions among waves, submarine earthquakes or volcanic activity
Swell is generated by wind friction on the ocean surface and the size and period of swell is determined by the area of a low-pressure system (fetch) and the sustained wind speed of
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Winds cause waves to occur in the ocean. Small winds cause small waves and large winds cause large waves. Waves move vertically through water.
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