What Causes P0300 Code in Ls1 Camaro?


A PO300 code in an Ls1 Camaro means a random multiple misfire has been detected. This is an OBD (On board diagnostic) code that is created by the vehicles computer system.
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If it's a random misfire, it's not a single cylinder all the time. It's probably a lean condition. Tune it with HP Tuners software so that it's running right.or turn off the misfire
Trouble code P0300 means: Random/multiple cylinder misfire detected.
A. It means that the PCM has seen a misfire occurring in one or more cylinders. Sometimes a scanner will allow you to see history misfire counters. If yours will, you may be able
There are two types of causes of P0300: 1. Anything that could cause the vehicle to misfire. This could be mechanical, fuel-related, ignition related, or fuel management related
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The P0300 code on a Nissan Quest has to do with cylinders. There is random and/or multiple cylinder misfire detected in the vehicle. This is best checked by a ...
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