What Causes Population Growth?


There are a number of factors that have led population growth. Some of these factors include food security, advanced health care, better sanitation which has lead to fewer diseases, and improved living standards and fertility. In the 1800s, the world had about one billion people but as of 2009, the world population has reached about seven billion.
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Improved agricultural practices have lead to fewer famines, allowing farmers to sustain much larger numbers of people. Machinery reduces manpower needed to farm while improved fertilizers
causes of population growth are lacking of education,wars, increasing illegal refugees and migrant. No not necessarily.The basic reasons for growth of population are. 1Increase in
Increases in wealth and the resulting moves towards less efficient foods (meat instead of plants) are closely tied to increases in the demand curve. Ian McCullough's answer describes
Population growth began to decrease slowly in the early 19th century
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What Causes Population Growth?
In the 1800s, there was approximately one billion people in the world. As of 2009, the world population has reached nearly seven billion. This increase in population growth is attributed to factors that increase fertility and reduce death.... More »
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Population growth can be caused by an increase in birth rate at the same time as a decrease in death rate. The population has grown significantly throughout history. One of the main problems caused by population growth is a lack of resources.
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The main causes of rapid population growth actually sound like good things. A better transportation and distribution system for food will cause a population to ...
Population growth is often caused by migration. This migration is usually in the form of moving from rural into urban areas. If mismanaged, the effect could be ...
The effects of population growth can be both positive and negative. The negative effects of population growth, if uncontrolled, can become quite burdensome to ...
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