Causes of Prejudice?


The term prejudice is used to mean making or passing a judgement about something without concrete evidence. This habit is caused by ethnocentrism, a persons own will and as a result of superstitious and stereotypical thinking.
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In most states, a court will grant a plaintiff's request for a dismissal without prejudice prior to the start of trial. The California Code of Civil Procedure, for instance, allows
Xenophobia is a fear of people that are different. People tend to be suspicious of what we do not understand.
Ignorance is the cause of it.
The need for economic power. Germany expressed its need and abilities by pushing the envelope. There was the economic need for expansion.
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The number one thing that causes prejudice is unawareness. When someone can judge someone or something else without knowing the background or the situation, prejudice will win.
The causes of prejudices range from pure ignorance to environmental. Some people for prejudices based on false misconceptions of stereotypes and some develop it based on how they were raised.
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