Pyuria is a condition where too much pus or too many white blood cells are found in the urine, and there are many causes, such as bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, use of certain medications, or mechanical problems like kidney stones or trauma. Some of its signs are cloudy urine, discomfort while urinating and fever.
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Pyuria is a condition that refers to the presence of pus in the urine. It refers to the presence of so many white blood cells in the urine, indicating a urinary tract infection. It can be found in septic patients or in older patients with pneumonia.
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renal abscess.
Not medical advice. Pyuria can be sign of a bacterial urinary tract infection or present in the septic patient, or in an older patient with pneumonia.
Aji: E. coli is a normal bacteria of the bowel. It's supposed to be there. When it enters the urinary system, usually from migration from the rectum, it can cause urinary tract
you get blood in your anus.
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